Working on the New Band’s Web Page

... Extension to let you preview YouTube Video from a link on any websiteIt is going to take a bit to build back up, but Trent and I have the new band together and they sound pretty good. We already started the new youtube channel and since we have the list of people who subscribed to the old channel, we are hoping to seed it and not have to buy youtube subscribers. Of course I would prefer not to do that for the reasons that it is dubious as to how effective it would be and since we are a new band, it should not look as though we are not. The old one lasted about as long as it could under the circumstances. Quite simply Dave and Ian were no longer good enough, although this was because of their substance abuse problems rather than their musical ability.

Ian owned the name of the band too, which will not really do him a great deal of good right now. In fact he is pretty much like Syd Barret at this point in time.