What is Different About Kopi Luwak Guru Coffee?

Leave a Reply Cancel replyAt dinner parties my wife and I hold we offer rare and interesting gourmet foods and beverages. One very popular drink is a coffee. What makes it so interesting is that the coffee beans have actually traveled through the digestive tracts of civets. They are catlike animals that like to eat coffee cherries. The coffee cherries do not fully digest, but enzymes in the animals guts makes coffee made from the beans taste really good. However, we chose coffee from the kopi luwak guru website because they harvest the beans from ethical sources.

As with any product that involves animals, there are usually options for an ethically produced product and one that is not ethical. Think of eggs when comparing it to this coffee. Kopi Luwak is just the native name for this type of coffee. We all know where eggs come from, but millions of us love the taste of eggs. We also know that some producers of eggs keep chickens penned up in tiny cages, so we might choose to get our eggs from free-range chickens.