Try to Spark Some Competition

To find cheap internet in michigan is qutie a chore. It is becoming increasingly difficult because the internet companies are realizing that everyone needs internet to survive in society now. So they use this to their advantage when they make a price. Almost all internet is the same price in michigan now, with little variation. Sometimes they have a sale or two where they will go down in price, but really the deal is still not very good. The way to make sure that you get a good price on internet is to stir up a little competition between the different providers. If you get a price from one and take it to the other and ask them if they can beat it they likely will give you a counter offer of either faster speeds or cheaper internet, then you go back to the original company and just do a little back and forth until one of them offers you the price that you are comfortable paying. This almost always works, and if it does not for you, do not give up! There are always other companies that you can try this with. They are very competitive in this industry because it costs them nothing to give someone internet, so every bit is profit for them. A good place to start, is looking at satellite internet, it might not be as good as normal internet but it does get the job done most of the time. It does have ocassional outages but you will likely quickly grow accustomed to those. That being said though, they are considerably cheaper than normal internet and there are tons more companies to choose from if you go this route. You can use these companies to inspire competition among the big retailer in your area if there is only one.