The Water Would Not Go Down the Drain

When I took a long bath the other night, I was not expecting it to end the way it did. I had gotten out and let the water out, but it was not going down the drain. I took the plunger to see if I could get it to go down, but that didn’t work either. I knew that I needed a professional’s help, so I contacted a company that does drain cleaning in Bronx NY. Since this was obviously a drain issue, I figured that it would be best to just bring in a company that would be able to take care of the problem at the source.

I was pleased when they told me they could come out that same evening. I thought for sure that I would have to wait until morning, if not longer. When I inquired about an extra price for coming out that night, I was pleased once again when I was told the amount of the regular service call. I did try a few more times to get the water to go down the drain before they got there, and I even used a drain cleaner that I had purchased from the store not that long ago.

Nothing was working though, which made me even more glad that I had called a company that was able to come out that same night. When the drain tech got there, he was able to get the water to go down with a special chemical that he used. He explained to me that the cleaner that I used was just not strong enough, which is why it did not work. He also was able to see down the drain with a camera he had, and he told me that the culprit was just a huge mass of hair and crud, which the cleaner took care of. I am so glad that it was such an easy and fast fix!