The Perfect Birthday Party Celebration

I wanted to have a really nice birthday celebration for my wife of three years. I knew she was not one for surprises, but that didn’t mean I still couldn’t throw her a great birthday bash with those who are closest to her. After compiling the list of those people, it had nearly 30 names on it. Since everyone on the list is an adult and they all enjoy a drink now and again as well, I looked at wine parties in NJ. I had never been to one before, but I had heard some great things about one that my cousin had gone to not that long ago.

She told me that the room that the party was held in was very large and comfortable, and they were allowed to bring in their own decorations and food. The main thing that the winery provides, other than a large comfortable room for the party, is the ability to take part in the wine making process. I had to tell her about this in advance because we had to go eight weeks before her actual party to get everything started. She and I along with a couple of her best friends went there for a few hours to sample some wines and select the one that she wanted to handcraft.

While the process would be handled by the winery, we would be involved in the final stage, which included corking the wine she had picked out. They also provided a caterer along with all of the things we needed to make it a perfect party. It was such a great time that I have a feeling we will end up doing this again. Even if we don’t host it ourselves, several of our friends told us that they are going to have their own birthday parties there in the future.