Taking Care of Gram at Home

When my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia, it broke both of our hears. We knew that it was probably going to happen as she was getting more forgetful. We recognized the signs from other family members who have gone through the same process, but there was a positive in that as well. Since we could see the signs, we decided to take as much control as we could in her care. She practically raised me, so I wanted to make sure she was as happy as possible. We looked into dementia care in Queens to see if there was a specific course of action that is better than others that are also available.

What we found was a blessing. We were actually looking at places where she would go, but we found a home agency group that sends people to her instead of making her go to them. Being able to stay in her own home for as long as possible means everything to both of us. And, because of this option we had not considered, she would even be able to live with me when it gets a bit harder for her to be on her own, since the aides and nurses can come to my house to help with her too.

They provide so much help to her, and they are actually keeping her on her toes. They are trained in working with patients with dementia, so they know exactly what to do to help them maintain as much independence as possible. We thought that she would be in a nursing home within a year’s time, but that was over two years ago and she is still living on her own. The disease is progressing, but we are fighting it every step of the way thanks to the trained professionals who come and help her every day.