Strata, or Landed, Buildings in Singapore Remind Me of Our Townhouses on Steroids!

In addition to the condos they have inside large skyscrapers in Singapore, you can find Strata or Landed buildings available too. These are kind of reminiscent of town homes we would have here, but they are on a much grander scale as far as amenities and designs are concerned. You can see some of them at One example I have in mind is the Whitley Residences. The water feature on this property actually flows from a high point. You can swim in it.

Singapore is tropical, and you are not going to find many places to live that do not offer elaborate swimming pools. The Whitley Residences have a giant swimming area on one side that flows around the building. Some of the residential units have private decks that connect right up against the pool. Some even have private garden areas. It has underground access to the building for vehicular traffic. This leaves the spaces outside open for recreational use. Your house has an elevator, and the dining area and living area are separated by floors to allow you to entertain two groups of people at once. I guess it is a Singaporean thing as I am used to my dining room being next to my living room with both being just off from the kitchen.

It is a really neat residential building concept that I have never seen before. Some of the housing units have five bedrooms. Can you imagine a townhouse kind of property with an elevator in your home and five bedrooms? Then you step out onto your deck and can plunge into a massive swimming area that flows? Wow! That’s not all. The roof of your home is more than a roof. It is also and entertainment area. I have never seen anything else like this anywhere.