Started to Make Some Sales in Japan

We are not really sure what is going on, but we have started to get some orders from Japan. In fact I was telling the boss that perhaps we should invest in a website translation of our site into Japanese. I have been having some communications with the customers, some of them wanting to buy large numbers of our products and apparently the little character we invented to be our mascot has caught on over there. It is sort of based on that magical creature from the old Popeye cartoons, which I believe was called Eugene the Jeep or some such thing. We just had this guy here who liked to doodle and he came up with it. The boss and I liked it, so we began to make designs on them. Originally they went on kid’s clothes, but that is not what has caught on Japan.

Instead it is girls in their teens and their early twenties who seem to buy them. In fact they seem to like them a size or two too small for them and the pictures I have seen are of girls wearing them skin tight. We are not really going to argue with them and in fact we shall make them stretchier if that is what they want. These are workout tops here in the states, but they are not using them for that purpose. Instead it has something to do with something that no one here quite understands. They tried to explain it to us, but that was simply lost in translation and we are going to have to find some person who understands the language and culture a lot better than we do. We are definitely going to try to exploit the fad in whatever way we can manage to do it.