Sometimes I Need My Husband to Remind Me of the Best Things

My husband sat me down one day and told me that moping and staying only in our apartment each day was not going to help me to get to know our new city. He surprised me, but I knew that he was right. I needed to start doing something each day. Next, it was my turn to surprise him when I announced that I was leaving to go get a Holland Village pedicure just hours after he had a talk with me. Up until that point, I never left our apartment unless he was with me. I felt so shy in a new country, but I knew that I needed to learn how to get around on my own. I had no trouble getting to the nail salon by myself, and it really helped my confidence.

We had been living in our new place for two months, and I was not happy about being in a new country at first. I am not someone who has high self-esteem and a great sense of confidence. So, I felt shy about interacting with new people, and I relied on my husband too much to entertain me. I missed home, but the problem was that I was staying at home instead of getting out and learning about the new city that we lived in. Once I stepped outside of my box and started doing things, I began to feel much happier about our move.

I guess you could say that I was never really good about doing a lot of things until someone else pushed me in life to get out and do more. I have always been sort of introverted. But my husband is pretty good at making me start doing things that are good for me. I tried to refuse when he first told me that we were moving overseas, but he pushed me to think about how many new things I would be able to learn and see. I’m glad that he gives me nudges to step outside of my comfort zone.