The Reclaiming Life Programme is custom tailored to your needs.

I am able to help you in person if that is your preference or through the downloads on this site.

With professional methods of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy
I am able to provide the following.


Learn how to develop a strong sense of self. Discover how to identify, challenge and re-programme subconscious negative beliefs. Resolve past emotional trauma and set yourself free. Learn how to find a sense of peace with yourself, your past and future. Redefine your beliefs, boundaries, needs, values and personal rights.

Understand how the mind / body connection occurs and use this to your advantage.

The Reclaiming Life Programme is comprised of the following methods:

Applied Psychology & Counseling
Hypnotherapy – Ericksonian Mind/Body Healing Techniques
NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming
EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
Timeline Work
EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization & Re-Processing
CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Gestalt Therapy
Person Centred Counselling

Procedures and Techniques

The repertoire of mind/body medicine includes all psychological strategies that directly influence physiological states. Participants will learn how to equip themselves to heal from illness – whether it be Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Chemical or Physical.

Key Principles

The Power of the Mind/Body Connection
The Stress Response
The Relaxation Response
Coping Emotions
Health Lifestyle Change
Turning Down the Pressure

Practical Training

Progressive Relaxation
Mental Imagery
Autogenic Training
Breath Therapy
Self Hypnosis

Group Facillitation

Group therapy allows you to learn from other group members. You will not only benefit from recognizing your emotional and thought responses but also by identifying with feelings of others. Through identifying with others, you increase your own self-awareness.

It is common to feel uneasy or even anxious when thinking about joining a group. This is a normal response; for many people it is difficult to share personal thoughts and concerns with others, particularly when you begin as “strangers”. Once the group progresses, you will likely develop feelings of interest and trust.

However, you are the one who decides when and how much to share with the group. Over time, you will likely feel more comfortable disclosing with the group. Group members help one another to express stifled emotions, to understand puzzling behaviors, and to experiment with new behaviors. Learning about yourself in these ways usually has a positive effect on your relationships and can improve your quality of life.

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Ericksonian hypnotherapy was developed by renowned hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson MD, famous for his unique approach to the phenomenon of hypnosis. Known as the Father of Hypnosis, Erickson worked within the model of the client’s world. By keeping his work completely client centered, he was able to achieve effective and consistent results for his patients. Utilizing special communication including metaphor, confusion techniques and the hypnotic trance, Dr. Erickson enabled his patients to tap into their inner consciousness, wherein lie the answers and resources needed to improve the quality of life.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The developers of NLP closely studied Dr. Erickson’s method of hypnotherapy to discover and understand the reasons for his consistent success in cases where traditional hypnotherapy failed. Their study of Dr. Erickson’s work became the basis of NLP. So NLP is a modality of Psychotherapy which is derived from Erickson’s work and is used often in conjunction with Hypnotherapy.

Safety of Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is perfectly safe. However I do recommend that you do your research with regard to the practitioner’s qualifications. Do they have professional Counseling or Psychotherapy training to support their Hypnotherapy training? Some NLP and Hypnotherapy training only takes a matter of weeks to complete. Would you allow someone with minimal training into your mind? Do some research and you will enter the hypnotherapy experience with confidence and peace of mind.

The Hypnotherapy Experience.

Most people relate to the experience by being hypnotized as extremely relaxing and pleasurable. This is because trance is simply a state of deep relaxation and internal focus. The suggestions you receive from your therapist while in trance are designed to assist you in accessing the internal wisdom inherent in all human beings. You leave your hypnosis session feeling energized and with a feeling of inner peace. You also gain valuable insights and direction concerning the behavior patterns that you would like to change.

You will be totally aware of everything that happens in the therapy sessions and you will remember it. You are always in control, even while in trance, and you can return to full and alert consciousness at any time.