Our Custom Master Bath is Absolutely Amazing

We were making a completely custom shower in our home in the master bath. We use an adjacent bedroom as an office, and the walk-in closet was not needed in there. So, we used the space for the closet to extend the master bath to twice its size. We hired a company that does custom mirrors in Somerset County NJ to come in and put a mirror over our long granite sink counter with the two big surface-mount sink bowls. They also designed and installed the glass enclosure for our giant shower.

There is enough room in the shower for the whole family to fit at one time. There is a big rainfall showerhead, along with a shower wand and a waterfall showerhead too. Two of the walls are stone, and two are made of glass. The floor drain is at the edge of the shower and is one of those horizontal drains. This way you are not stepping on any drain covers in your bare feet. It is an amazing feat of engineering as it has a programmable water distribution system where your shower temp presets can be accessed at the press of a button.

The thick glass walls go from the floor to the ceiling, and they are easy to keep clean. I do not know what type of glass they are made of, but the soap scum and hardwater scale is easy to wipe off of them. We enjoy this big open shower very much. It is like being in a tropical paradise during a rain storm or enjoying a refreshing waterfall. Yes, it does use more water than a conventional water-saving showerhead, but it feels so good. It is like our home spa to relax in for a couple of minutes before and after a busy workday.