No More Worries About Youtube Video Take Downs

Thanks to telecharger mp3 files, I no longer worry about losing my favorite youtube videos. Anyone who uses youtube as much as I do understands what I’m talking about. You find a perfect audio and video track on youtube, save it to your favorites, and then kick back to enjoy multiple replays only to sign in one day to discover a deleted video. This often happens because of copyright issues. They recording company doesn’t want you listening to the track or album for free so they issue a take down notice and it’s gone forever. It’s so frustrating to have this happen.

Even worse is when they’re very persistent about it. I’ve favorited some of the same tracks so many times and they always disappear within days. It’s a real drag to have to keep finding the same track only for it to disappear. I got sick of wasting my time and wondered if there might be a way to download the track. Surely, I thought, someone is ripping the tracks to a file and you can just download the file to your hard drive and then you have it forever. You could even transfer the file to a portable device and take it with you.

I found this site online looking for just such a thing as an mp3 file download site and I’m instantly in love with it after using it for a few days. You can download all sorts of neat stuff, too, not just music. Anything on youtube is fair game for this type of downloading. Even better, I’ve downloaded some stuff that looked interesting and now I’ve expanded my musical horizon. You really can’t go wrong with using this site. I rarely save videos now. I just find something I like and then check to see if I can immediately do the download.