My Mom is Happy with the Cleaning Company

My mom went in for a heart procedure not long ago. She came through it successfully, but she also has a lot of restrictions. She is not allowed to lift her arm very high for one month, otherwise she can cause some damage to what the doctors did. I stayed with her for a few days when she came home, but I could not take more time off work than that. Even before she was released from the hospital, I arranged to have a company that provides house cleaning for Singapore come in a few days a week to help her.

Under normal circumstances, my mom would never allow someone else to come into her house and clean, but this was not normal in any way. She had hands actually touching her heart, so I would say she has earned a rest for a while. She knew that she was limited in what she could do, but she insisted that I be there the first time a cleaning person came in case I had to supervise them. I agreed to this, and I had actually been thinking of that all along anyway.

I know my mom is very particular about how things are done, and I thought I should be there to act as a buffer. The funny thing is though that when the cleaning woman did come, she did such a fantastic job that my mom did not have to say anything about her work at all, other than to compliment her. She was not expecting for the cleaning to be as good as it was. The woman who did the cleaning even did a couple of things that were not expected, like cleaning the slats in a blind. Needless to say, my mom is completely satisfied with the cleaning company and is happy they are there to help her.