Moving into a Luxury Penthouse Apartment in Singapore

There are a lot of projects being designed in Singapore for residential and mixed-use purposes. The island is always building and being more grand with each project. We looked at several places to live inland. We wanted to move right away, but we could not get over our desire to move to a place next to the water. We both wanted a balcony facing the ocean. That was our dream. Then we saw the architectural plans for the Seaside Residences in Singapore. We had to decide whether we wanted to move now or wait and get a Penthouse at the new residential places available in Singapore.

Since we were committing to such a luxury place, we decided to wait until this project was finished in order to move. However, we had to commit to a property now as they sell out before the buildings are ready for occupancy. That is how it works here for getting a place to live in Singapore for the new towers being erected. We have become used to projects being developed to the degree they are stated to become in the planning stages. You can buy in on a place before the ground is broken to build it, and still know it will be just how it is represented in the brochures and online. We liked what we saw for the Seaside Residences in Singapore, and we were waiting for our early application to be approved.

We really wanted one of the three Penthouse residences that would be available on the top floor of the buildings. We worked a long time in order to be able to upgrade to that level of luxury living, so we could wait a little longer for the Seaside Residences in Singapore to be finished being built so we could move in.