Looking at a Little House in Brooklyn

Looking at a little house in Brooklyn, but it is not as though it is the sort of place that is free of problems. It is the sort of place that I can afford, which means that it has some real problems. The big one is the roof, and it is a matter of whether or not I have to replace it immediately or if it can wait a bit. I talked to a couple of guys who do roof repair in Brooklyn NY and they were both telling me that it was going to have to be done quickly, which was what I suspected. However I explained it to them pretty simply. If I had to reach in my pocket for the down payment on the house, that is not going to leave anything to fix the roof. Not right now and at least if I fixed the roof that would not leave me money for any of the other things that I need, like food for example.

I have a few bills that have to be paid. I have to put gas in my pick up truck. I need to buy food for me and the wife, I have to pay my car insurance and a lot of smaller things that you do not think about until the guy shows up with his hand out. There is not a lot of flex there. It looks a lot like I will have to hold off on buying the house, even though in theory it would save me some money to get this place. Once I made the down payment, that would reduce my monthly expenses by a significant sum. If the roof would hold off for a year that would make it possible for me to easily afford it.