Kids and Keeping Fish Tanks

I remember my first fish tank. It was a five gallon aquarium that had a bright metal frame all around the edges. Now they come with plastic around the top and bottom. I enjoyed that little tank a whole lot. I liked the neon tetras and how they appeared to glow in the light. I added different things such as a bubbler to make a wall of bubbles. I’m thinking about it because of a click here link I followed to learn about Betta fish. In my old five gallon tank I think I had a treasure chest in there that use to have its lid open and close with air bubbles coming from the pump. It is easy to get too much in a five gallon tank. I remember my Betta fish I had too. I have had more than one. I knew them as Siamese fighting fish. You could get them to get aggressive by just holding a mirror up to a bowl they are in.

Years later I had a 10 gallon aquarium that had a Betta fish and a shark. Well, that is what is what called anyway. It was only about three or four inches long. The Betta and the shark never seemed to interact at all. They kept to themselves. I do know you can’t have two male Bettas in a tank. The standard tank most kids started with when I was growing up was a goldfish bowl and two goldfish. You might add a little gravel to the bottom and maybe a plastic plant. The fish would get flushed when they died. I think it is still like that for a lot of kids. I don’t think it is right. I think that kids should be held to task for cleaning the tanks on a regular basis and making sure the fish are fed properly. I think they should be taught and made to follow through on care. Learning about life and respecting it is part of growing up.