I Work Hard So That I Can Afford Nice Things

I have noticed that some people really do not have high standards for what their homes look like. I’m very different in that respect. I want a place that looks very pleasing to me. This is why I chose to live in the Singapore New Futura condo building that my mom pointed out to me when I was looking for a place to buy. I love the place so much that I am going to buy a couple more units and rent them out to others. It will be nice to be right on the premises if any of my tenants need me for any reason.

I am one of the lucky people in life who chose to focus on work at a very young age. So many people tell me that they have trouble keeping their eye on their goals. There are even other people who really do not have goals, and they live only in the moment. I have noticed that all of these people face continous struggles. I am not sure how I was born with the good sense to stay focused. I don’t have to push myself to do it at all because it just comes very naturally to me. Both of my parents also have the same ability, so I can only imagine that it comes to me so easily thanks to the good genes I inherited.

My cousin is one of those people who has a rough time in life. He tries to work hard, and he does okay. He does not have the ability to really push himself like I do. When I buy one of the units in my building, I am going to let him rent one of them from me. He would love to live in a nice building, and he can handle paying rent every month. He will be really happy when I announce my plans to him.