I Designed Her Wedding Arrangements

When my daughter got married a few months ago, I knew that her life was about to be changed. What I didn’t know was that my life was about to be changed as well. Her father and I wanted to give her everything she wanted for her perfect day, but we were not prepared for the cost of some things. She wanted a specific centerpiece, but the florist wanted to charge us nearly as much as the caterer was. Instead, I looked online for courses on flower arranging because I knew that I could probably do the same thing myself for a much lower price.

I was just looking for the basics, but I discovered something so much more. When I found one website that offers complete coverage on how to arrange flowers, I knew that I had found what I wanted to do even after her wedding was over. I just fell in love with the designs and the different types of flowers that could be used for all of them, and I signed up that same day. That was almost a year ago, and I have learned so much since taking the course.

I discovered that I was able to not only recreate the centerpieces that my daughter wanted at a fraction of the cost, but I was also able to embellish them with some other flowers thanks to my new found knowledge. The end result had my daughter in tears because they were more gorgeous than she had even imagined. I was also able to design and arrange the altar flowers as well as the bouquets that she and her bridesmaids carried down the aisle. I received so many compliments from her wedding guests, and two of her friends have already asked me to do their wedding flowers. I love this new part of my life!