I Decided to Get a House Cleaner

My husband has a great job, and he has always encouraged me to use my time doing what I love. At first, it was raising our children, but they all live on their own now. I then started volunteering at the church and just took care of our home. My husband’s job requires that we host dinner parties every now and again, so I take a lot of pride in our home. My husband has been wanting me to get regular cleaning services in Singapore, but I have always resisted in the past. Lately though, I thought that maybe it is a good idea after all.

My volunteer work with the church is taking up more of my time, and I don’t want to stop doing it just so I can get my house ready for a dinner party. While I do love hosting those, they are a lot of work. I just have felt lately that my time is better spent helping several families at church that need a tremendous amount of help. My husband encouraged me to do what I felt I had to do, and he would take care of finding a company to come and clean for us.

I appreciated that, but the house is my domain. I knew that I needed to vet whoever came in my house to clean it. I didn’t want someone who doesn’t have an excellent reputation and a lot of experience. When I decided to go with Rawah Cleaning, I was impressed after meeting with the person who would be taking care of my house. I knew that I was leaving it in good hands, and I really appreciate all of the little extras that she does when she knows we are due to have a dinner party either that day or on a day before she comes back. I am so happy because I know my time is being used in a better way now.