I Am Obsessed with Manicures Now

When my mom asked me if I wanted to have a manicure in Singapore, I told her no. She had to laugh because of how quickly I said it, and she told me that it would be her treat. I have three kids, and I just did not see the sense in spending money on something that would not last very long since I am always busy cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and playing with them. She told me that I could still have a nice manicure with shorter nails, so I decided to go just because I thought an afternoon out with my mom would be a nice treat.

My husband stayed home with the kids, and I think he was excited to have some one on one time with all of them since that doesn’t happen that often. My mom and I went to the nail salon first. I had never been there but she goes at least once every few weeks to either have a manicure or to have one maintained. She always goes for the longer nails, which is why I had initially said no. When I saw the different designs that would work on short nails, I got pretty excited about it too.

I could have went with a nice single color, or I could have two or even more colors combined into a nice design. I could have glitter, small appliques, and different shapes on them too. I loved the shapes, because there were just so many different things that could be done. I could go with a beach theme, where one is a sandy beach, another nail is a pair of flip flops, another is a glass of a fruity drink, and more. I really liked that one, and it is the one I got. I am going to go back there because it is just too fun now that I have a taste of it.