How an SEO Can Help Your Online Company

A little over two years ago I started my own online medical transcription business. It started out really slow and most of my clients I obtained by word of mouth. I soon became frustrated that I was not receiving more activity from my website and didn’t know how to change it. Every time I did a search for medical transcription I would have to scroll through up to 25 pages of results before I would see my company. A close friend of mine suggested I contact a company that specializes in SEO in Philippines.

What the heck is an SEO was my first reaction. My friend went on to explain that it stood for search engine optimization. And again I had to ask what that was. He further explained that they use algorithms and other tools to make sure that your web content appears at the top of search engine results. Of course, this is all way beyond my computer abilities and decided it was at least worth the effort to speak to a reputable company. We found a company online that has been very successful in achieving proven results and decided to give them a call.

I spoke to a representative that explained to me how they could be an asset to my online company. We didn’t go into all of the technical stuff, because I really didn’t understand it, but discussed what results I was hoping to achieve. They assured me that I would see results almost immediately which made me very happy. Once we agreed on everything that I wanted them to do they said they would draw up a contract and email it to me. They urged me to review the contract to make sure I agreed with its contents. before signing it and said they would begin their work as soon as they received it back.