Got Back to Yuma Today

Of course I was not all that thrilled when I finally got back to Yuma. I had to take care of all sorts of things before the move. I had to take care of the arizona home insurance before I could complete the bank loan on the new house. It was something that I had thought was included in the loan, but apparently there was a misunderstanding somewhere. I thought they were including it in the deal and they thought I had told them that I was going to do it myself, so the loan got put on hold for about a day and a half. Then I finally got it sorted out. I went back to Tempe and leased a truck to carry the stuff that I could not take in my pick up truck, but that damned thing had a flat on me.

I was crossing over the Colorado River when I noticed that it was driving funny and so I pulled into the parking lot of the old Yuma Territorial Prison. A bunch of tourists got all upset with me because I was in the way, but of course I did not want to change that flat on the street and I had taken it about as far as I wanted to go. Unfortunately I was blocking their camera angle and they did not want a picture of me trying to figure out how to change a flat on a three axle truck. I had to get my phone out and try to figure it out, but eventually a truck driver strode up and showed me how to do it. Of course I was not very pleased to know that the only thing to do was to call for help. It took about an hour and a half, which was probably as lucky as I could hope for.