Getting the Lot Ready for Construction

I have had this land for close to five years now, but until recently I have not had the time, the money or the inclination to do anything with it. Of course in the summer the boys and I will got camping up there and fish in that little lake no one else seems to know about. I decided to clear off enough land for a cabin now though, already hired a tree service in asheville nc to do it for me. Of course the guy seemed to want to cut down some of the trees I wanted to keep. I am sure these are not trees from back in the pioneer days, but there has not been any logging on this land for probably at least seventy years. So there are a number of trees that a logger would want to take down and sell for wood. Of course it takes a really perfect tree to be much good for that and so the odds are that a lot of them would be good for other purposes, but not for what you think about when you talk about lumber.

In fact I sort of wonder if I could get some lumber company to more or less pay me for the wood or at least give me a cut of the value of it. I used to know this guy who did that sort of thing, in fact he had a pair of mules that he used to drag logs out of the woods. That seems totally out of date, but in a lot of cases that is the way things should be done if you do not want to go in a place and turn it into a parking lot. A mule obviously treads a lot more lightly than a dozer.