Getting Ready to Start Building

Of course I was not the one who cleared the land off, someone else was going to build a house here. It was this guy I used to work with and he ended up striking it really rich. Or more to the woman he was married to was a genius at business, which he was completely unaware of until she sold her business for a huge amount of money and started another. He did a lousy job on this land, I had to hire a tree service in westchester ny to get rid of all of the gumball trees. He was trying to sell me the land and I was looking up at the tree tops. I had sixteen of those things to take care of. Around half of them were the sorts of tree I could safely deal with myself. That means I was reasonably sure that I could get them to the ground without needing an ambulance. I certainly do not have anything to do with a tree which I can not be very sure to get all the way to the ground.

Some of them were near the power lines, which you quite obviously would wish to avoid for your own sake and so that the power company does not give you a big bill to pay. However it is just as dangerous to get them caught up in other trees. In fact one of the major things you want to avoid is getting a big limb caught up in the top of a tree. Lumber cutters call that a widow maker and obviously it is a tree limb that might be over a hundred feet in the air and it could weigh a couple of hundred pounds. It is not something that you want to be under when it comes down.