Furnished and Serviced Offices in Singapore

Due to growing business relations with a couple of important companies located in Singapore, I have decided to open an office in the country. However, I need to do it in the easiest, and cheapest way possible. I am thinking that a serviced office, might be the best solution, and it might be cheaper than other options. I would like to look into prices for renting a serviced office in singapore.

I am also interested in trying to figure out all of the advantages of a serviced office, as compared to a regular office. I know that the serviced office will be furnished, and that is definitely a bonus. I do not want to have to pay for office furniture at this new office location. I feel like that would be too expensive, and as long as the office is furnished with new furniture, that is modern looking, then I will be happy with it. I am trying to find a list of all of the services that are provided, and included in the cost of the rent.

I am going to look to see if IT support will be included in the price of the rent. That is a very important consideration, because if it is included, then I do not have to hire someone to do such a job. By the same token, I know that secretarial services will be provided, and that will save some money. I am going to try to calculate, how much money will be saved by using a serviced option, as opposed to renting a regular office. Though, to be honest, there is no way to calculate how much the convenience of this option is worth, and that might be the biggest factor that attracts me towards getting such an office in the first place.