Flyers Are Still a Great Way to Drum Up Business

I wanted to promote my new business using standard printed media. I did not have a big social media presence, so print media made more sense to get the word out. I have always been pleased with the results a printed ad can bring all the way back to when I used to advertise that I would do outdoor lawn chores from sweeping to cutting grass when I was a teenager. Back then my ads were printed at home or on a photocopy machine. Now I use a company that does flyer printing in Singapore to make me full color print ads.

I can provide them to newspapers to be inserted into papers for a fee, or I can mail them or strategically place them where the public will see them. People are used to seeing ads wherever they go. If they see a well done ad for a business they are interested in, they will remember it. It does not matter if they see it in their mail, in a newspaper, stuck to a fence or if it is handed out at a public venue by staff or friends.

I think that the standard advertisement flyer has gotten companies more business than any other form of advertising. Plus, it is a very low cost method of direct marketing. You can fit a lot of info on a flyer, but keeping it short and to the point is best. This is especially true if potential customers are going to see your ad while on the move. My outdoor chore ad I would ask local stores for permission to place on their door or in their front window could be read in a couple of seconds. Smaller print gave a little more detail. I still keep to this format in making flyers to my main business now all these years later.