Floor Plans for Commonwealth Towers

where 51 commonwealth avenue # b how much $ 4775000 square footage ...I was recently informed, by a good friend, that there is a residential project under development in the part of Singapore, that I have always wanted to live. I am not sure how long it will be until it is launched, but I just started to look into the place, and after a quick search engine query, I was able to locate the website address for the project – www.commonwealthtowersofficialsite.com.sg– and I am impressed with what I see so far.

But I am going to need to find more details, because I am not convinced that it will be up to my standards. I am hoping to relocate my family to a very nice apartment, in the year 2019, or somewhere close to then. That is the year that I expect to receive a very important promotion. I am basing this estimate, on the rate that I have moved up the ladder, in the company that I work for, since the day that I was hired. It has been a fairly rapid pace, and better than I had expected, when I took the job.

I am fortunate though, and I guess all of the hard work that I have put into performing my job, is actually going to pay off for me. I know that my wife would simply love to live in these residential towers. I have not showed it to her yet, and I do not plan on showing it to her for awhile. I do not want to get her hopes up, because I am not sure if it will work out. And I am not even finished looking into info about the area. I am still looking at the floor plans, and they seem to be more than adequate, from what I can tell. It will be better to see the apartments in person one day.