Finding Success Beyond American Shores

After checking out some of the Highline Residences in Tiong Bahru, it was a no brainer to make the decision that I had been putting off for several months now; move to Singapore. Since graduating college I had been feeling this desire to move. Not just move to a new apartment or into a home, not a move that would take me to another city or state. Nope, I’ve been possessed with this desire to see the world in a way that is beyond just my computer. That’s not even living or experience the world as much as I could be!

I chose Singapore for a number of reasons; the economy is one of the very best in the world right now with a lot of freedom for domestic and foreign investors to capitalize on. The people here are generally well educated, skilled and eager for work while the government takes care of its citizens in ways that approve of. Instead of creating welfare programs that can backfire and create a poor class, they help those who are struggling with money by providing housing but also requiring them to seek employment! They even provide them with a trade skill by offering free education.

It doesn’t take much for me to be convinced that this country is on its way to something big. They’re creating a culture and a nation that is nothing like any of the others right now. As someone who has longed to be a part of something ‘new’, I believe that this is my chance to do so! This is where i am going to be able to find my freedom and even my success; with my ability to speak English as well as possessing a degree, I have no doubt that I will be able to find work.