Doing Some Work in Las Vegas

I have been busy today trying to solve some problem with the pop-up stand at the convention center. There is some little piece of it that is missing and the thing is not really all that safe to use without it. At least I am not thinking that I want to be standing next to it for hours and hours with this piece on it. The thing is there to brace it and secure the two parts of it together. Without it they stand up and would be fine if no one ever jostled up against them, but if you happened to lean against the thing it would probably fall over. I am sure it would if you have more than one person there they could easily put enough pressure on it to make it fold up just like a house of cards. Of course if you have the thing put together right it is pretty solid and you do not have that much to worry about it so long as no one does any really dumb stuff.

We are not sure what we are going to do if we can not get the piece that we needed, but we are running out of time and we are thinking that we might have to hire a carpenter to come in and do some improv work. I could brace it up myself, but I would need wood and tools. That stuff is not here. It would be easier to hire a guy than it would be to buy all of the stuff that you would need to do it yourself. At least that is better than the sort of half way decent job you could do if you were not really using the right tools to do the job well.