Do Any of These Supplements Work

I have decided that I need to undertake a few self improvement projects. For one thing I would like to quit smoking, but of course I would prefer to do it without gaining a lot of weight. I am probably about fifteen or twenty pounds heavier than I should be if you look at one of those BMI (Body Mass Index) charts. I have been looking in to how to accomplish both things and reading stuff like Garcinia cambogia reviews to try to figure out if there is any supplement or pill I can take that is going to help me out with the losing of the weight. Of course it is probably not so easy to do either of these things and doing both of them will be even more difficult, but it is something where I have a plan to do one in the name of the other. That is poorly phrased, but it is something where quitting smoking and losing the weight are going to be done in a mutually supporting way.

The idea is pretty simple. You smoke for a lot of reasons, the big one being the fact that you are addicted to the stuff. In fact it makes no sense to do it otherwise. A pack of cigarettes is pretty expensive. It is something like 7 dollars and fifty cents in a lot of places, that is not much more than the average price. It is less than that here, but every cigarette you smoke is worth around two dimes. Perhaps you might not bend over to pick up twenty cents, but if you had it in your pocket you would not deliberately take it out and throw it off. In this case you are sitting the money on fire and turning it to ash.