Best Sim Only Contracts for Phones

I have a pretty good phone that I recently bought from a friend of mine. He got a new phone, and did not need the phone anymore, so he sold it to me for a pretty reasonable price. I am happy with the purchase of the new phone, but I need to get a contract for it. I am looking for sim only contracts, because the only thing that I need, is to get a contract for the phone, and then I will be set.

I am hoping to find a good deal on a contract, and I am going to try to compare the offers that are out there by different companies. Sometimes, this sort of thing can be confusing, and I hope that it is not too hard to discover the best plan out there for my situation. I do not need a whole lot of minutes, because I do not talk on the phone all that much.

I just like to have a phone on me at all times, for security purposes. You never know when you are going to need to call someone because of an emergency. I am going to check all of the prices out there, and then pick the right price for me. I am not sure how much I can spend. I need to look at my finances, and try to figure that out. I have been using a phone that is not very expensive, recently, but it is really a terrible phone, and I am glad that I have purchased a better phone. I hope that it does not take long for the company to send me a new SIM card, because I will not really be able to use the phone, until I get the SIM card for it in the mail.