Best Shows from Japanese Drama Genre

I have been dying to find something new to watch for the last few weeks. I started watching this Jdrama series for the second time over, and even though it is a really good show, I am kind of getting tired of re-watching it. I have a problem with watching shows for a second time, even if I really liked them the first time around. I guess it is just not as much fun, and that is especially the case for a show that is in the drama genre.

With a drama, so much hinges on plot twists and the like, that if you know what is going to happen, then it is almost like it is not worth watching. At least, that is how I feel about it. I have been on this message board that focuses on Japanese shows and Jdrama in particular, and I just posted a question asking for suggestions for new drama series to watch from Japan.

Hopefully I will get some responses soon, because I am eager to start watching something new. I have watched so much television though, it is like I have already watched every show that I think that I might care to watch. As far as looking for a new show goes, the more drama that it features, the better. I really like watching shows that have a lot of drama in them, even though I try to keep drama out of my life as much as possible. Maybe it is some sort of schadenfreude on my part, I don’t know. But I don’t intend to change my tastes for watching television shows. I am going to be busy for the next week solid, so I am not sure I will get much time to watch a new show, but at least maybe I can download something to watch later.