Battle of the Big Bird

I generally like birds because they’re nice to look at and don’t really bother anyone. Hearing the birds singing in the morning is quite enjoyable. It’s almost like nature own little alarm clock. Recently I had a little incident that challenged my thinking about birds. A bird set up a nest in a tree that sits on my front porch. Whenever I would try to leave through the front door, the bird would caw at me and would occasionally attack me. Things got so bad that I had to call in bird control in NJ to get rid of the bird.

I was able to handle having the bird on my front porch for a while. I went out the garage door instead of the front door, even though it was more inconvenient for me at times. Once I forgot about the bird being there and tried to go out of the front door. The bird flew from the tree and onto my head and started pecking at me. I started running and waving my arms over my head until the bird flew away. The bird was able to break the skin and I had blood running down my head.

I went to the hospital that day and a doctor patched up my wounds. I didn’t need stitches or staples, but I was given a prescription for some antibiotics to make sure that I didn’t get any infections. Once I got home from the hospital, I looked for a control service that could get rid of the bird without killing it. I located one and they came to my home the next day and removed the bird and the nest it made without even making a sound. I’ve removed that tree from my front porch to prevent any more birds from building nests.