An Old Reminder Removed with Lasers

My college days were filled with some pretty crazy nights. I would go out with my friends after tests and do a lot of drinking at the local bar and club hopping. One night while we were out, we passed by a tattoo parlor and I had the back of my head tattooed with a dragon. The next morning I regretted the entire decision and wore a hat until my hair grew back. It wasn’t until this year that I went to the aesthetic clinic to finally have the tattoo removed.

The clinic asked how I got the tattoo in the first place, and I told them the long story about my college days. Every one has a college story about doing something that they wish they didn’t, but I think mine really takes the cake. Most people just get a small tattoo on their arm, chest, or even their back, but not on the back of their head. I’m glad that getting a tattoo was the the worst thing I’ve ever done while drunk. I suppose it could have been something worse, like going to a 24 hour wedding chapel and getting married to one of my friends.

It took a series of laser treatments for the tattoo to be removed. In order to get the tattoo removed, I had my hair cut as low as possible. I dug my old hat out of the closet that I wore the first time I got the tattoo and kept it on in between treatments. After the last treatment, the tattoo was finally gone and my skin was the same color all over the back of my head. I met with one of my college friends a few days later and told him that I had finally gotten the tattoo removed. He laughed, thinking about the moment I got it, and he told me that his wife could benefit from a tattoo removal, because she did something similar.