A New Way to Look at Problems

Winter is here. It might not officially be Winter yet but to me, for all intents and purposes, it has finally come. I’m going to admit something to you dear reader that I have not admitted to anyone else; I am sick and tired of being tired of Winter. Really, it’s a useless season that does nothing but bring misery and headache to everyone who has to live in the general vicinity of cold weather, snow, ice and all the other nonsense that accompanies seasonal change. Yes, I did call heating repair in Morris County NJ. Thanks for asking, dear reader.

I’m sure you might remember that last year my heater suffered from an unfortunate but serious malfunction which left me without heat for nearly a week. Of course this had to occur during the peak of the cold that was spear-headed by a ‘polar vortex’ which rocked the country and left much of the East coast locked in a prison of misery and ice. Just thinking about Winter and writing out this blog post is infuriating me. Perhaps I have PTSD from that long, bitterly cold week when I didn’t have heat. It was a horrible experience I’d never wish on anyone.

That’s why I’ve gone ahead and called for the heater repair guy to come check out the heater. I’m not taking any chances this time around! There’s no way that I am going to allow myself to be without heat ever again. I’m even tempted to have the heater replaced every couple of years out of sheer paranoia. Once you’ve had to go through an experience like that you begin to look at the potential problems that could arise in a whole new way. Heck, maybe I should just move out of my house and get an apartment instead.