A Car Rental Versus a Cab

I have never traveled for business before, so I was excited to take my first trip for the company that I work for. Not only was it my first trip, but it was also the first time I would be in Malaysia. I have heard a lot of things about it, but actually being there to see and experience it in person was exciting. I knew that I would want to explore the area during my downtime, and thankfully I would have several days to do that. I was able to find Big Thumb in KL, which is a car rental company.

I went back and forth on that at first. I wanted to be able to enjoy the area as much as I could, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do that if I rented a car to drive by myself. Having a cab take me around would mean someone experienced in the traffic and area would be at the helm, but that also had its downsides to it. I would end up paying a lot more for a cab, and I did not want to have a huge expense report to turn in.

It also meant that I would be at the mercy of someone else as far as time is concerned. If I wanted to stay out all day exploring, I would not be able to enjoy it fully if I had to have someone else with me. That is what made me know that a car rental company was my best option, because I wanted the independence of being able to change my mind at any given time. I was able to get a great car at a fantastic price at Big Thumb, and I had such a blast exploring the area I was in.