I Just Needed to Have More Followers

I wanted to see how I could get Instagram followers in a faster way. I was relying on word of mouth, but that wasn’t working out too well for me. I was steadily adding numbers, but it was just not fast enough for me. I knew that the only way to be deemed successful by those viewing my page would be to see that I have a high number of followers. Since I was not handling that too well on my own, I decided to think outside the box and figure out a way to make that happen.

I did a search to find some suggestions on this, knowing that I would do anything as long as it was legal. Continue reading

I Am Obsessed with Manicures Now

When my mom asked me if I wanted to have a manicure in Singapore, I told her no. She had to laugh because of how quickly I said it, and she told me that it would be her treat. I have three kids, and I just did not see the sense in spending money on something that would not last very long since I am always busy cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and playing with them. She told me that I could still have a nice manicure with shorter nails, so I decided to go just because I thought an afternoon out with my mom would be a nice treat.

My husband stayed home with the kids, and I think he was excited to have some one on one time with all of them since that doesn’t happen that often. Continue reading

My Mom is Happy with the Cleaning Company

My mom went in for a heart procedure not long ago. She came through it successfully, but she also has a lot of restrictions. She is not allowed to lift her arm very high for one month, otherwise she can cause some damage to what the doctors did. I stayed with her for a few days when she came home, but I could not take more time off work than that. Even before she was released from the hospital, I arranged to have a company that provides house cleaning for Singapore come in a few days a week to help her.

Under normal circumstances, my mom would never allow someone else to come into her house and clean, but this was not normal in any way. She had hands actually touching her heart, so I would say she has earned a rest for a while. She knew that she was limited in what she could do, but she insisted that I be there the first time a cleaning person came in case I had to supervise them. Continue reading

I Decided to Get a House Cleaner

My husband has a great job, and he has always encouraged me to use my time doing what I love. At first, it was raising our children, but they all live on their own now. I then started volunteering at the church and just took care of our home. My husband’s job requires that we host dinner parties every now and again, so I take a lot of pride in our home. My husband has been wanting me to get regular cleaning services in Singapore, but I have always resisted in the past. Lately though, I thought that maybe it is a good idea after all.

My volunteer work with the church is taking up more of my time, and I don’t want to stop doing it just so I can get my house ready for a dinner party. While I do love hosting those, they are a lot of work. Continue reading

No More Worries About Youtube Video Take Downs

Thanks to telecharger mp3 files, I no longer worry about losing my favorite youtube videos. Anyone who uses youtube as much as I do understands what I’m talking about. You find a perfect audio and video track on youtube, save it to your favorites, and then kick back to enjoy multiple replays only to sign in one day to discover a deleted video. This often happens because of copyright issues. They recording company doesn’t want you listening to the track or album for free so they issue a take down notice and it’s gone forever. It’s so frustrating to have this happen.

Even worse is when they’re very persistent about it. I’ve favorited some of the same tracks so many times and they always disappear within days. It’s a real drag to have to keep finding the same track only for it to disappear. I got sick of wasting my time and wondered if there might be a way to download the track. Continue reading

Sometimes I Need My Husband to Remind Me of the Best Things

My husband sat me down one day and told me that moping and staying only in our apartment each day was not going to help me to get to know our new city. He surprised me, but I knew that he was right. I needed to start doing something each day. Next, it was my turn to surprise him when I announced that I was leaving to go get a Holland Village pedicure just hours after he had a talk with me. Up until that point, I never left our apartment unless he was with me. I felt so shy in a new country, but I knew that I needed to learn how to get around on my own. I had no trouble getting to the nail salon by myself, and it really helped my confidence.

We had been living in our new place for two months, and I was not happy about being in a new country at first. I am not someone who has high self-esteem and a great sense of confidence. Continue reading