Getting Facts is Much Better Than Just Getting Spin when It Comes to Political News

I was getting a lot of my daily political news from one online source. I noticed a trend of them always being negative about even the most positive things our new president is doing. I did not appreciate that as I thought about the other side of that coin. If the other candidate would have won, would they make light of mistakes? I decided it was time to get more fact than spin, so I started looking at articles at a Trump News feed website. It might sound funny, but it is all Trump all the time. Maybe that should be their slogan.

Anyway, the website will list articles from different sources that are talking about the same news topics concerning our president. Continue reading

Flyers Are Still a Great Way to Drum Up Business


I wanted to promote my new business using standard printed media. I did not have a big social media presence, so print media made more sense to get the word out. I have always been pleased with the results a printed ad can bring all the way back to when I used to advertise that I would do outdoor lawn chores from sweeping to cutting grass when I was a teenager. Back then my ads were printed at home or on a photocopy machine. Now I use a company that does flyer printing in Singapore to make me full color print ads. Continue reading