Strata, or Landed, Buildings in Singapore Remind Me of Our Townhouses on Steroids!

In addition to the condos they have inside large skyscrapers in Singapore, you can find Strata or Landed buildings available too. These are kind of reminiscent of town homes we would have here, but they are on a much grander scale as far as amenities and designs are concerned. You can see some of them at One example I have in mind is the Whitley Residences. The water feature on this property actually flows from a high point. You can swim in it.

Singapore is tropical, and you are not going to find many places to live that do not offer elaborate swimming pools. The Whitley Residences have a giant swimming area on one side that flows around the building. Some of the residential units have private decks that connect right up against the pool. Some even have private garden areas. Continue reading

Moving into a Luxury Penthouse Apartment in Singapore

There are a lot of projects being designed in Singapore for residential and mixed-use purposes. The island is always building and being more grand with each project. We looked at several places to live inland. We wanted to move right away, but we could not get over our desire to move to a place next to the water. We both wanted a balcony facing the ocean. That was our dream. Then we saw the architectural plans for the Seaside Residences in Singapore. We had to decide whether we wanted to move now or wait and get a Penthouse at the new residential places available in Singapore.

Since we were committing to such a luxury place, we decided to wait until this project was finished in order to move. Continue reading

My Sales Strategies Are Better Than Ever

I don’t care how good you are at with something, because there is always room for improvement. I have been in sales for nearly six years, and I make a really good living from it. My employer does not offer a lot of sales training because he expects all of us to be at the top of our games at all times. I understand that from one perspective, but it is also unrealistic without consultative selling training, at least that is my experience with it. Even though I am always in the top tier for sales, I knew that I could always get improve my strategy and gain even more sales because of it.

That is why I wanted to find a training program that did not take long but was extremely effective. I found just that when I did a search for consultative selling training. The course I took was a three day training program, and I learned even more than I expected from it. I already knew how to deal with resistant customers, but this program taught me how to handle them in a different way that results in more sales. I learned much more than that too.

I learned different things about every aspect of sales, from the opening line to the closing statements. A good bit I already knew, because you don’t get in the top tier of sales without knowing a thing or two. However, I learned so many valuable tips from this three day training course that I am now at the top of the top tier of sales. To be in the top 2 percent in such a large company means that I am definitely heading in the right direction. I was even approached the other day to share some of my sales strategies with others who are not excelling nearly as well as I am!