Doing Some Work in Las Vegas

I have been busy today trying to solve some problem with the pop-up stand at the convention center. There is some little piece of it that is missing and the thing is not really all that safe to use without it. At least I am not thinking that I want to be standing next to it for hours and hours with this piece on it. The thing is there to brace it and secure the two parts of it together. Without it they stand up and would be fine if no one ever jostled up against them, but if you happened to lean against the thing it would probably fall over. I am sure it would if you have more than one person there they could easily put enough pressure on it to make it fold up just like a house of cards. Continue reading

Looking at a Little House in Brooklyn

Looking at a little house in Brooklyn, but it is not as though it is the sort of place that is free of problems. It is the sort of place that I can afford, which means that it has some real problems. The big one is the roof, and it is a matter of whether or not I have to replace it immediately or if it can wait a bit. I talked to a couple of guys who do roof repair in Brooklyn NY and they were both telling me that it was going to have to be done quickly, which was what I suspected. However I explained it to them pretty simply. Continue reading

Getting Help for Seniors in Long Island

It is not uncommon for people to be stubborn about getting help, as it often feels like losing independence and becoming reliant on others. The bottom line, however, is that sometimes it is absolutely necessary to get a little assistance. This is especially true later in life, as seniors often see deterioration in health which can impact everything from cooking meals to getting in bed. Whether a senior is stuck in a wheel chair or simply slowing down, in-home services can make the difference between misery and joy. Senior home care in Long Island is growing in popularity because of this, as everyone wants to make sure that their parents and others are able to live comfortably.

More often than not, family is involved in situations like these. Continue reading

Finding Success Beyond American Shores

After checking out some of the Highline Residences in Tiong Bahru, it was a no brainer to make the decision that I had been putting off for several months now; move to Singapore. Since graduating college I had been feeling this desire to move. Not just move to a new apartment or into a home, not a move that would take me to another city or state. Nope, I’ve been possessed with this desire to see the world in a way that is beyond just my computer. That’s not even living or experience the world as much as I could be!

I chose Singapore for a number of reasons; the economy is one of the very best in the world right now with a lot of freedom for domestic and foreign investors to capitalize on. The people here are generally well educated, skilled and eager for work while the government takes care of its citizens in ways that approve of. Continue reading

The Multifaceted Beauty of Humanity

As with most guys who express an interest in sex, I have gone through a phase where I wanted to explore my dominant sexual power. I have always felt that dominance has been an inborn trait in most men, especially within myself, and I wanted to know exactly what it meant for me to desire it. Was I being an a-typical guy who wanted to seek power over a female to dominate in bed? When I did finally explore it, would it be the only way that I could find pleasure? Would it make me a better person? Worse? Would it matter at all?

Finding a partner who was willing to explore this with me proved to be difficult to say the least. Continue reading