Getting Ready to Start Building

Of course I was not the one who cleared the land off, someone else was going to build a house here. It was this guy I used to work with and he ended up striking it really rich. Or more to the woman he was married to was a genius at business, which he was completely unaware of until she sold her business for a huge amount of money and started another. He did a lousy job on this land, I had to hire a tree service in westchester ny to get rid of all of the gumball trees. He was trying to sell me the land and I was looking up at the tree tops. I had sixteen of those things to take care of. Continue reading

I Had a Great Experience Selling My Car

Datei:Strand San Diego 1.jpgWhen I decided to get a new car, I thought that I would be able to trade in my old car to get at least something knocked off the price. When the salesperson told me that they wouldn’t take my car, it really surprised me. I still bought my new car, because I did need one. I decided to look online to see if I would be able to sell my car to anyone else. I had no luck at all when trying to sell it to a private buyer. I did a search for cash for cars, because I had heard there are companies that will buy old cars that no one else seems to want.

I really struck gold, because I found a company that had a lot of really positive reviews.

Working on the New Band’s Web Page

... Extension to let you preview YouTube Video from a link on any websiteIt is going to take a bit to build back up, but Trent and I have the new band together and they sound pretty good. We already started the new youtube channel and since we have the list of people who subscribed to the old channel, we are hoping to seed it and not have to buy youtube subscribers. Of course I would prefer not to do that for the reasons that it is dubious as to how effective it would be and since we are a new band, it should not look as though we are not. The old one lasted about as long as it could under the circumstances. Quite simply Dave and Ian were no longer good enough, although this was because of their substance abuse problems rather than their musical ability.

Ian owned the name of the band too, which will not really do him a great deal of good right now. In fact he is pretty much like Syd Barret at this point in time.

Started to Make Some Sales in Japan

We are not really sure what is going on, but we have started to get some orders from Japan. In fact I was telling the boss that perhaps we should invest in a website translation of our site into Japanese. I have been having some communications with the customers, some of them wanting to buy large numbers of our products and apparently the little character we invented to be our mascot has caught on over there. It is sort of based on that magical creature from the old Popeye cartoons, which I believe was called Eugene the Jeep or some such thing. We just had this guy here who liked to doodle and he came up with it. The boss and I liked it, so we began to make designs on them. Originally they went on kid’s clothes, but that is not what has caught on Japan.

Instead it is girls in their teens and their early twenties who seem to buy them. Continue reading