Treating My Digestive Problems the Traditional Way

I am a firm believer that traditional Chinese medicine is better than western medicine in many cases. I’ve used western medicine for most of my life, and it worked well for me, but I came down with a digestive disorder that western medicine couldn’t stop. I went to many doctors and tried many different treatments, but they all had little to no effect. Western medicine had failed me and I was out of options. I didn’t know what to do, until one day a coworker of mine recommended that I try tcm.

I had always heard about traditional Chinese medicine, but I never used it for any of my ailments. To me, western medicine was good enough, and everything else was irrelevant. It’s funny how things became reversed in my case. The western medicine became irrelevant, and the traditional Chinese medicine turned out to be my savior.

One day while I was at work, I was talking about my digestive condition with one of my coworkers. Continue reading

Got Moved out of the Dorm

I am not really sure that I am all that happy with my choice in housemates, because you have to worry that the other guys will not be able or willing to hold up their end of the deal. My brother graduated from college a couple of months ago and he has all kinds of stories about roommates who did not hold up their end of the arrangement. This is even more complicated there are four of us sharing an old house about three or four blocks from the campus. The next thing is to find internet service for nc, or specifically near the campus of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I could almost live with my parents if I really wanted to actually, they live about 35 minutes away in an adjacent county, but I really like to live here and not have to wake up at 7 AM in the morning to get to class on time.

Got Back to Yuma Today

Of course I was not all that thrilled when I finally got back to Yuma. I had to take care of all sorts of things before the move. I had to take care of the arizona home insurance before I could complete the bank loan on the new house. It was something that I had thought was included in the loan, but apparently there was a misunderstanding somewhere. I thought they were including it in the deal and they thought I had told them that I was going to do it myself, so the loan got put on hold for about a day and a half. Then I finally got it sorted out. I went back to Tempe and leased a truck to carry the stuff that I could not take in my pick up truck, but that damned thing had a flat on me.

I was crossing over the Colorado River when I noticed that it was driving funny and so I pulled into the parking lot of the old Yuma Territorial Prison. A bunch of tourists got all upset with me because I was in the way, but of course I did not want to change that flat on the street and I had taken it about as far as I wanted to go. Unfortunately I was blocking their camera angle and they did not want a picture of me trying to figure out how to change a flat on a three axle truck. I had to get my phone out and try to figure it out, but eventually a truck driver strode up and showed me how to do it. Of course I was not very pleased to know that the only thing to do was to call for help. It took about an hour and a half, which was probably as lucky as I could hope for.

Preparing to Open a Store

Everyone likes to eat something sweet, especially if it’s healthy for their bodies. I’ve grown really skilled at making healthy treats due to years of cooking, and from various recipes passed down in my family. I’ve sold these treats on the streets and at various venues, but now I want to try something different. I want to have a store where people will be able to buy my treats. I’ve been looking at various places on where I will be able to sell my treats.

There are many factors that are used for selling treats successfully. The treats themselves have to taste good, and if they are healthy, then that’s an even bigger selling point for the treat. Price is also a big factor in what you sell. By far, one of the most important factors about selling successfully is where you sell the treats.